Currently not a member?   Then, as Morpheus (Lawrence Fishburne) told Neo (Keanu Reaves) in the first movie called: THE MATRIX; “let me tell you ‘why’ you are here.  You are here because you know something….and that something is like a splinter in your mind driving you mad”.

Splinter removal requires the right tool

But, this is not “this feeling that brought you” to MATRIX SOLUTIONS.

What brought you this website is that you KNOW that you’re in the MATRIX….either the version called the Leontief Matrix…or the upgraded FAR Matrix.  Either someone told you about these Matrix Programs that you “operate in” or you heard a presentation done by Ambassador: David-Parker: Williams.   What happened after that was likely some independent research on your own.

However, you still have not figured it out exactly; yet.  But…you will.

 The word “matrix” has become synonymous with a “web or a trap”; a system of illusion designed to identify “the reason for your personal and economic conditions”.  In case you are not aware, the MATRIX TRILOGY was named after an IRS Software Program called “The Leontief Matrix” and the new updated version called the “FAR Matrix”.  Both of these terms can be found through a simple Internet Search.

The producers of this “Matrix storyline” were not those named in the Movie Credits.  The “architects” of the Leontief and FAR Matrix operate behind the scenes.

However, the movie series was an opportunity for the producers (the real architects) to put out information that “THE MATRIX is older than you know”.    You instinctively know this because of that “splinter in your mind”.  At MATRIX SOLUTIONS, we cover this fact and much more.  Now that you’re awake and have taken the “red pill; deprogramming and reprogramming can begin.  Our Goal is to show you the ENTIRE SYSTEM and just how vast and deep this Rabbit Hole (or holes) really goes.

So, if you are not familiar with the Leontief and FAR Matrix, and how old this MATRIX OF PROGRAMMING is…Watch the short video introduction below and you soon will be.   But, be prepared.  When Neo saw the vastness of the program for the first time; he “popped”.   The reason is because of the “Size and Age of the Matrix”.   It truly is “older than most realize”….because, like Neo, they have never used their “Real Eyes”.  It is an “encoded” system, and (like Neo) you must be able to see the Codes in order to be free.

Let’s talk about “why you are really here”.  As you know from the character called: The Merovingian, “why is the only source of power and without it, you are powerless”.

You are here because you want more.  You want to see the Matrix for what is it….ALL OF IT.  You are here because you want to understand the “tricks and traps” of the Matrix…because without the “Knowledge of the Trap/Matrix”, you know that you will never escape the Matrix.    You especially want to become empowered with enough Knowledge to take the correct actions to get you and your families out of the madness of Matrix Illusions and Programming.

The Key-Maker was the most important character in the MATRIX TRILOGY.  It was the Key-Maker that made “THE ORIGINAL KEY” and “THE NEW KEY”.

Only ONE KEY fits the ONE DOOR that was left open to depart the Matrix….i.e.: One Solution.  That S0lution has “morphed” sightly over the centuries, but it’s been around for thousands of years.  The problem is that you were not taught about it.  You were not told that “you’re a Slave”.  You were not told that there is “A REAL-WORLD MATRIX”.  You were not told that 98% of everything you were taught and “thought” you knew was a lie/illusion.

Now you know the “reason”.   You know the “why”.  This is “why” this site is called MATRIX SOLUTIONS.

If you know something is wrong, but don’t know how to fix it, this is the site for you.  Likely, you would not still be in “it” if you had known.  However, if for any reason you find the information is not for you, you may cancel your “on-going monthly subscription” at any time.

BTW….protesting, whining, griping, and complaining…that is what children do.  It does not help and it will not “get you out”.   Comments and recommendations are welcome on MATRIX SOLUTIONS; but griping about the “System/Matrix” is not welcome.  Up until now…” whether you have enjoyed it or not…YOU ARE IN THE MATRIX” and complaints about that fact ARE NOT GOING TO HELP YOU.   We could say that at this point “all we offer is the Truth”….but we do more than that, because “we’re here to help”.

 So….after reading everything as instructed, and when you’re ready… the membership tab above to begin your Assent out of the Matrix.

Site Membership on MATRIX SOLUTIONS is in the form of an ONGOING MONTHLY DRAFT.  You will be responsible for that “draft” and all informational details related to that draft.   Once you set up your account and complete the registration via the automated link that you will be sent to “Complete Registration”; your account and draft will be identified by a “Transaction ID”.   “We” will be able to “see the Transaction ID” in the Merchant account and in Matrix Solution’s Back Office…BUT NOTHING MORE.  We will also see your “Username” and email address that you generate and input into MATRIX SOLUTIONS once you have complied with the “double opt-in conditions” of ICANN that we have simplified for you.   WE WILL HAVE ABSOLUTELY NO ABILITY to change or alter this information.  WE HAVE NO ABILITY to see, alter or affect your financial information.  It is your “Private Information”…both for Monthly Draft and for your Matrix Solution’s Password Protected Account.

NEITHER WE, NOR THE MERCHANT ACCOUNT SERVICES…can operate outside the parameters of the Security System Database Software that runs this AUTOMATED SYSTEM.  Therefore, you cannot be overcharged or “double billed”…..UNLESS FOR SOME REASON….you alter YOUR information and/or CREATE SOME PROBLEM.

The purpose of all this Automation is so that “we” (either Aaron Nye or David-Parker: Williams) never have to touch it again.   Our Security System Database is Secure and your information is hidden and secure.

If you do alter your information….TAKE NO ACTION UNTIL YOU CONTACT US at:   Unless you can prove that there was some software glitch in our automation (that has functioned correctly for 4 years)….then, THERE WILL BE NO REFUNDS OF ANY FUNDS FOR ANY LENGTH OF TIME OR PROBLEMS THAT YOU ENCOUNTER DUE TO YOUR ERRORS OR INCORRECT INFORMATION….PARTICULARLY BILLING.

We do not find this “unreasonable”.   Other so-called “gurus” are charging people hundreds and thousands for a single day or weekend…for PROGRAMS THAT DO NOT WORK and put you in DANGER OF PRISON.    Here we teach “Immunity” and “Variation by Agreement”.  If you want to make a down payment on Your Prison Time by listening to something besides THE RIGHT OF SELF DETERMINATION; that is also a choice.

This Notice is written to ensure that understand exactly how “we” operate…AND…so that you can feel confident that “inputting data” into MATRIX SOLUTIONS remains Private and known only to you.   This system was established to hide your information “even from us” because…WE BELIEVE IN YOUR PRIVACY and FINANCIAL IMPERMEABILITY.

We are fully aware that this Notice and our reading requirements may be a bit lengthy….but as of the date of this updated Notice; MATRIX SOLUTIONS has been online and operational for 4 years.  Time as taught us much about “human nature” and the Necessity of Full Notice.  Thank you for you time and attention to this Disclaimer and Caveat.

The site is set up to be a monthly $37.95 ongoing membership.  We have identified 13 Rabbit Holes in the System/Matrix and as of this date (02/20/2013), there are over 3000 pages covering the problems and THE ONLY Solution.  Don’t worry, in the “Get Start” section we do try to assist you.  Although it’s not easily “set in stone” because we have no way to gauge your critical thinking skills or current level of understanding…the fact is that “to fully see the Matrix”…and to learn to see all “the Code”…you MUST become an expert.  (Didn’t it look like Neo had to be an expert to be “the One”??)

There is an ancient maxim: “if it was easy, then everyone would be doing it”.  Our expectation is for you to become highly educated in the problems and the Solution.  This goal is GLOBAL and International in Nature.  You live on Planet Earth…not just in some “Juridical Construct”.  Therefore….


For $37.95 / month, we’ll provide education about the problems associated with Status and Lifestyle.  We will also assist you in learning about STANDING and becoming a SELF DETERMINATE BEING…..if that is what you “choose”.   And, as you also know (if you saw the MATRIX TRILOGY)…THE PROBLEM IS CHOICE. Your current CONTRACT choices have PLACED you squarely IN THE MATRIX…and as Morpheus said: “you are a Slave”.  If you want to start educating yourself about A SOLUTION to change/Morph that Status by making a “neo choice”; then, click the button below and you’ll be taken to a payment site.

Once you complete the payment, you will receive an automated registration email.  This process meets with ICANN and proper Internet Verification Protocols.  If you do not find this automated registration email within minutes of payment completion; please check your bulk and spam folders immediately.

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