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More and more people are beginning to realize the most basic truth...THE ONLY RIGHT THAT EXISTS ON THIS PLANET IS THE RIGHT OF SELF-DETERMINATION. If you haven't exercised this right deliberately, then someone has exercised it on your behalf. 

 We are going back to where it all began! Same message, same messenger... Updated look, more refined focus, and new opportunities. 

Self-Determination... The Space Between Spaces

This DVD Series is more valuable than Education, training, and/or programming you would receive from Yale or Harvard. Even then, you still wouldn't learn what you are going MUST learn in order to gain your freedom and be of the world but not of Their World!

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You Need A Clear And Direct Path Though The Mine Field. If You Apply The Wrong Information You End Up Starting Over Or Dying Then And There. If Time Is Money Then The Matrix Solutions DVD 's Are A Steal.


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Your level of knowledge and legal experience in this arena is unmatched by anyone, and I am very thankful to be able to communicate with you thus building my own personal understanding and knowledge base.

Nicholas R

Thank you, Sarah and David. I paid much attention to David some years ago and learned much. I learned about honor and dishonor, how things came to be the way they are and that I was in no position to get out of the matrix while I am dependent on state benefits, schools, hospitals etc… It has actually made me a more honorable and responsible person, albeit one that is state owned.

Sam Phi

" love this guy. The best guy you’ve had on your show yet. That last video blew my mind, especially how he was deciphering the different words and their meanings. I knew a lot of the stuff he had mentioned but just when you think you know something ya learn something new. How do I follow this guy?"

Dan R

I want to thank you for the immense amount of information provided on the right to self-determination and the compelling reasons to exercise this right. In my own studies of UCC and citizenship methodologies to extricate oneself from the unrighteous king rule, I found that my instinct was to run away as none could provide adequate proof of success. You, however, have given such proof in the documents you possess that confers the title of a foreign dignitary.

David F

"There is One Key That Fits One Door"